With an extraordinary 90-year legacy, Dynamic Aviation delivers reliable and innovative aviation solutions utilizing mission-specific modified aircraft. We specialize in providing customized, turnkey solutions, including contractor-owned, contractor-operated (COCO) and government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) options, tailored to your unique mission needs. Partner with us to bring your ideas to life and tackle your most challenging problems!

Defense Aviation Solutions

Civil Aviation Solutions

Commercial Aviation Solutions


At Dynamic Aviation, we specialize in executing critical missions with our extensive fleet of aircraft and an array of advanced sensors. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we deliver cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of operations, including Border Protection, Maritime Surveillance, Counter-IED (Improvised Explosive Device), Electronic Attack, and Counter Narcotics. Our unwavering dedication to mission success ensures that we surpass expectations and provide unmatched support to defense organizations and agencies around the world.

Dynamic Aviation has been at the forefront of providing aviation solutions for civil applications since our inception. It’s in our DNA to respond swiftly and effectively to unpredictable emergencies, earning us the trust of customers worldwide. Whether it’s battling wildfires, responding to oil spills, or conducting mosquito spraying after hurricanes, our team is dedicated to making a difference. Our fleet availability, reliability, scalability, safety, and 24/7 communications make us the perfect choice for critical public health and safety missions.

Explore our comprehensive offerings, including parts sales, engine sales, and aircraft sales. Our vast inventory encompasses premium Beechcraft King Air and DeHavilland DHC-8 parts, ensuring smooth operations for your fleet. Discover excellence with our selection of well-maintained, affordable PT6 Turbo-Prop engines for sale. These engines are designed for optimal performance and efficiency, elevating your flying experience. Interested in purchasing one of our aircraft? Our inventory, when available, provides a range of options to suit your needs, promising both quality and affordability. Available aircraft include A90, E90, A200, B200, Dash 8-100, Dash 8-200, Dash 8-300, and Boeing 737-500.

What we offer.

Dynamic Aviation offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your aviation needs. Our Flight Operations team brings expertise in flight hours, man-hours, and contracts, providing exceptional service and experience. With our MRO/Modification services, we specialize in Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and OEM solutions, offering both firm fixed and time and materials contracts. We excel in engines and parts sales, providing flexible options such as outright sales, exchanges, and inventory leasing. Our logistical solutions ensure seamless operations and support. Trust Dynamic Aviation for reliable, efficient, and tailored aviation services that meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Flight Operations

Flight hours, man-hours, and contracts by the acre and experience.

MRO / Modification

Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and OEM. Firmed fixed, time, and materials.

Engines, Parts Sales, Logistical Solutions

We sell outright, exchange, and lease inventories.


Where we operate.

With a global presence spanning 25 locations across 10 countries, Dynamic Aviation is your trusted partner wherever you need us. Our extensive experience extends to over 100 countries and all 50 states, ensuring that we understand the unique challenges and requirements of diverse regions. Whether you’re looking for aviation solutions on a local or international scale, our expertise and capabilities are unmatched. Count on us to deliver reliable, efficient, and tailored services that exceed your expectations, no matter where your operations take you. Partner with Dynamic Aviation and experience the power of a truly global aviation leader.

Our experience.

Dynamic Aviation brings unmatched experience to the table. With a track record of success, we have flown over 100 types of sensors, ensuring we have the expertise to handle any mission requirement. Our diverse aircraft fleet of over 150 planes, including King Air 90s and 737s, provides versatility and capability for various operations. Additionally, our extensive modification experience covers fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. We take pride in our extensive customer base, having served over 300 unique customers. Trust Dynamic Aviation for your aviation needs and experience the difference our expertise and proven track record can make.

Sensors Flown

Over 100 types of sensors installed and integrated

Aircraft Fleet

Over 150 aircraft ranging from King Air 90’s to 737’s


Aircraft modifications on both fixed-wing and rotary


We have served over 300 unique customers

Who We Are

Who we are.

Here at Dynamic Aviation, we’re not just colleagues—we’re a tight-knit band of brothers, sisters, and friends. We’ve forged unbreakable connections built on trust, respect, and genuine care. In this remarkable family, we stay reconciled, standing together through thick and thin.

Our shared values are the glue that holds us together. We believe in integrity, teamwork, and unwavering support for one another. In this uplifting environment, we foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and unity, where every voice is heard and every contribution is valued.

What we do.

Dynamic Aviation provides a comprehensive range of aviation services to fulfill your needs. Our Flight Operations team offers expertise in flight hours, man-hours, and contracts, delivering exceptional service and experience. With our MRO/Modification services, we specialize in Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and OEM solutions, offering firm fixed and time and materials contracts. We excel in engine and parts sales, providing flexible options like outright sales, exchanges, and inventory leasing. Our logistical solutions ensure seamless operations and support. Trust Dynamic Aviation for reliable, efficient, and customized aviation services that meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

What We Do

Explore Careers

Join our team.

At Dynamic Aviation, we’re not just another aviation company. We’re a close-knit family that shares a passion for performing special missions and making a difference. With our diverse fleet of aircraft and worldwide operations, we offer exciting career opportunities for individuals who are driven, dedicated, and aligned with our values.

You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, learn from experienced mentors, and be part of a team that truly feels like family. Join us on our mission to make a positive impact and support our worldwide operations.


Company history.

With a rich heritage rooted in an entrepreneurial spirit, Dynamic Aviation has a storied history of success. Since Chris Stoltzfus pioneered crop spraying in the 1930s, we have embraced innovation and an unwavering can-do attitude. While the world around us has evolved, our commitment to finding new and improved solutions for our customers’ mission challenges remains steadfast.

Company History

Explore our Facilities

Explore our facilities.

Dynamic Aviation operates a state-of-the-art Heavy Maintenance and Modification Center, a wide range of backshops, and a privately owned Airpark at our headquarters in Bridgewater, Virginia. With 8 hangars, 6 office buildings, and 5 warehouses, our expansive facility spans over 400,000 square feet across 700 acres. This extensive infrastructure is designed to facilitate the efficient and effective delivery of our services. From maintenance and modifications to comprehensive support, our robust infrastructure ensures exceptional service quality and timely project completion. Experience the advantage of our comprehensive facilities by partnering with Dynamic Aviation today.

Community involvement.

Dynamic Aviation passionately engages with a multitude of non-profit organizations, becoming an integral force of positive change in the vibrant Shenandoah Valley community of Virginia.

First Air Force One

Dynamic Aviation is the lead restoration partner for the First Air Force One non-profit organization, in which the very first aircraft to officially receive the “Air Force One” designation is undergoing an extensive restoration from the ground up. This aircraft, known to many as Columbine II, was President Dwight D. Eisenhowers’ presidential transport early in his presidency. For more information please visit www.firstairforceone.org

NEXTGEN Aviators

Dynamic Aviation is the primary sponsor of the NEXTGEN Aviators non-profit organization. NEXTGEN Aviators aims to introduce local students to the world of aviation and skilled trades through a multitude of STEM stations. Students are exposed to different fields in aviation and get hands-on with real tools used by aviation professionals around the world. For more information please visit www.nextgenaviators.org

Camp Light

Dynamic Aviation has a leadership development program that volunteers locally in the community. For 2023/24 our LDP group committed to volunteer at Camp Light. Camp Light is a local camp for at-risk youth and youth with learning or physical disabilities. For more information please visit https://www.creativeworksfarm.org

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