BRIDGEWATER, VA – Dear Friends,

Dad passed late last night, Friday, Nov 27, 2020, after a five-week battle against severe pancreatitis. As you all know he was 80.

His body fought vigorously, to the end, just as anyone who knew him would fully expect. And, just as we would imagine, he was fully prepared weeks ago in both mind and spirit to make his journey to join his Heavenly Father. Dad’s example throughout these last weeks was a beautiful testament to his ability to fight the good fight while simultaneously fully accepting God’s unexpected change of plans.

There are many lessons that Dad shared with us throughout the years. Two among them guided him. He always insisted that the job be done well and that we always do the right thing. He also gave us a wealth of wisdom through word and deed, and by living a well-lived life – a life of faith and serving others; a life of joy and passion for aviation; and a life filled with hard work, focus, and perseverance.

Over the last number of years, Dad and I frequently discussed the future of Dynamic Aviation. He clearly expressed his interest that we do everything in our power to continue to make Dynamic stronger, that we care for our customers, and trust God’s leading of Dynamic.
So, that is indeed what we will do. And that is what we will do together. We will do it because it is the right thing to do, and we will do it because it’s the best way to honor what Dad created and what we have all built together throughout his lifetime.

For now, though, let’s stand together as we deeply mourn his passing. Let’s give ourselves and each other permission to weep as a sign of our love and admiration for him. And let’s share our stories and fondest memories of him and all the personal ways he impacted us.
We will continue building an amazing Dynamic that honors him and his legacy for years to come. We will continue serving and caring for our customers and for each other, just as he did. And we will continue building upon the foundation he laid, of innovation, passion, and hard work.

Finally, on a personal note, I am eternally grateful for Dad and for his love for me and my family. And I am grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with him in the business for 3 decades and to have been together with him throughout these last weeks. Thank you for your love for Dad and your outpouring of support for our family.