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Dynamic Aviation owns and operates 150 unique aircraft, including Beechcraft King Air, DeHavilland Dash-8, Boeing 737s, and a fleet of  vintage aircraft including Miss Virginia, one of the most pristine DC-3s in the world.

We take pride in our extensive fleet of aircraft, offering a diverse range of aviation solutions to meet your needs. With a total of 150+ unique aircraft, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry.

Our fleet consists of Beechcraft King Airs, renowned for their versatility, performance, and exceptional comfort. Whether you require efficient transportation, aerial surveillance, or specialized missions, our King Airs are equipped to deliver. For larger operations, we offer De Havilland Dash-8s, known for their reliability and ruggedness. These aircraft are capable of handling various missions, including cargo transport, and specialized operations in challenging environments. To accommodate our Oil Spill Response missions, we proudly own and operate a fleet of Boeing 737s. 

In addition to our modern aircraft, we maintain a fleet of vintage aircraft, including the iconic Miss Virginia, one of the world’s most immaculate DC-3s. These timeless classics serve as a testament to our rich aviation heritage and the preservation of aviation history.

At Dynamic Aviation, safety, efficiency, and exceptional service are at the core of our operations. Our experienced team of professionals, along with our large fleet of aircraft, meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Beechcraft King Air 90

Cruise Speed – 230 kts

Max Speed – 248 kts

Normal Range – 1,260 nm

Max Range – 1,500 nm

Rate Of Climb – 1,727 fpm

Max Payload – 2,950 lb


Beechcraft King Air 200

Cruise Speed – 270 kts

Max Speed – 288 kts

Normal Range – 1,463 nm

Max Range – 1,632 nm

Rate Of Climb – 2,317 fpm

Max Payload – 4,250 lb


DeHavilland Dash 8

Cruise Speed – 243 kts

Max Speed – 270 kts

Normal Range – 656 nm

Max Range – 950 nm

Rate Of Climb – 2,000 fpm

Max Payload – 15,000 lb


Boeing 737

Cruise Speed – 429 kts

Max Speed – 500 kts

Normal Range – 1,890 nm

Max Range – 2,380 nm

Rate Of Climb – 2,450 fpm

Max Payload – 45,000 lb


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