HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – The Massanutten Technical Center celebrated its 50th anniversary on Wednesday morning, holding its annual community leaders breakfast for the first time since the pandemic began.

“To have 50 years it takes a lot of people to make something like this so successful and when you look out there that’s a lot of business and community leaders and they were instrumental in making MTC what it is today,” said Marshall Price, who was the director of MTC from 2000 to 2016.

A number of local leaders were in attendance at the breakfast including legislators, school board members, and first responders.

The event showcased the work that MTC students have been up to this year including the work of several students who were winners in their categories at the SkillsUSA VA State Contest.

“It’s all about giving back to our community and being able to recognize all the people that have shown us so much support. Besides graduation, this is our biggest event of the year because it’s finally our chance to highlight everything we’ve done throughout the year and kind of give an idea of what’s to come,” said Kevin Hutton, the director of MTC.

Marshall Price was also honored with a key to the school during the ceremony. He said he’s proud to have been a part of MTC and even in retirement sees the impact the school has on the community.

“As I walk around Harrisonburg or I’m shopping or I’m anywhere, it always happens where I have a student come up and say ‘hey I went to MTC and it was the best thing that ever happened to me’ and I’ll have parents do the same thing so it’s very rewarding,” said Price.

MTC director Kevin Hutton said the service the school provides is vital to the community.

“There’s such a high need for a skilled labor workforce and so many companies are just dying to get employees and we’re able to fill that gap for them. Careers in technical education have hit a great stride and we’re able to provide our students a skill for life and get them ready for employment,” said Hutton.

Several MTC students received student excellence awards and scholarship money during the ceremony. Kevin Hutton said seeing the growth of students is his favorite part of being the director.

“I love seeing the kids walk in their first year not knowing very much about a trade and then graduating and just knowing everything and having a skill they can use for life and forever. Whether they join the workforce or they just need to learn how to change an electrical outlet at home,” he said.

During the event, MTC also announced a partnership with Dynamic Aviation to launch an Aviation Maintenance Technology program next year.

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