sterile insect technique

A trusted partner of government and agricultural agencies, Dynamic Aviation provides dependable aerial operation services for sterile insect technique (SIT) programs worldwide. The combination of aviation excellence, superior operations management, and the latest technology helps our customers protect crops and livestock as well as save human lives.

International Leadership

Dynamic Aviation SIT solutions have been instrumental in the biological control of highly destructive fruit flies and the eradication of deadly screwworms. Our demonstrated commitment to safety, reliability, and high standards of performance has made us an international leader in the safe and efficient release of sterile insects.

SIT-Optimized Fleet

We own and operate a large fleet of Beechcraft King Airs optimized for the aerial release of sterile insects. These versatile aircraft feature multi-engine turbine power for added safety and performance and have the cabin volume to handle crew and release equipment easily.

Highly Experienced Crews

Our pilots are highly trained and have vast experience flying SIT missions. Flying with precision in complex airspace, our pilots embody Dynamic Aviation’s safety-first culture.

Innovative Technology

We take advantage of the latest technology to ensure precise, accurate insect release, and have extensive experience configuring and installing insect release equipment for Mediterranean fruit flies, Mexican fruit flies, and screwworms.

Superior Operations Management

Our proven experience in the operation of insect release programs has resulted in more efficient and effective services. For example, we produce significant savings for our customers by keeping our SIT programs on time and on schedule, reducing the mortality rate of released insects and lowering the overtime expense of customer personnel.

Dynamic Aviation SIT Facts

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Projects in the United States and more than a dozen countries
  • 600,000+ flight hours of SIT experience