fire management

For more than two decades, Dynamic Aviation has been providing tactical aircraft for aerial firefighting. The combination of proven platform, quick-response capabilities, on-site maintenance services, and unsurpassed reliability makes Dynamic Aviation the ideal solution for air-attack, night-operation fire tracking, and lead plane missions.

robust performance

Our specially modified, twin-engine Beechcraft King Airs are designed to operate in severe environmental conditions, such as smoke and rugged terrain, and offer better access to remote areas because of their unimproved-airfield capabilities.

eyes in the sky

With a customized bubble window to enhance the pilot’s range of vision below the aircraft and a specially configured eyebrow window to increase upward sight lines, our aircraft provide the visibility required to coordinate firefighting operations and guide air tankers on their drops.


We collaborate with you to make specific fire-management adaptations to our aircraft such as visibility enhancements, upgraded engines, and advanced communications suites. We also modify our aircraft with customer-supplied equipment such as EO/IR sensors to support specialized night and daytime fire reconnaissance missions.

Ready and Reliable

Our relationship with our customers is built on long-term trust and our reputation has been earned by consistently executing on promises. Our enhanced aircraft inspection and dedicated on-site maintenance services ensure increased safety and the highest level of reliability. In fact, our dispatch reliability rate exceeds 98%. In short, we are ready when called upon.