What We Do

We solve big problems with airplanes. We save and protect lives, property, and the environment, and inspire the world into the big dream in the vivid vision.

What We Sell

Flight Operations

Flight hours, man-hours, and contracts by the acre and experience.

Technical Operations

Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, and OEM. Firmed fixed and time and materials.

Engine, Parts Sales, and Leasing

We sell outright, exchange, and lease inventories.

Aircraft Sales and Leasing

Lease by the day or month. We sell complete aircraft – typically with modifications.

How we fulfill what we sell

Through a collaborative process with our customers, we create a tailored solution and concept of operations. Next, we complete unique modifications to our aircraft. We then co-locate aircraft, parts, pilots, and mechanics with our customers and fly missions to solve their problems.

Where we serve

We operate from 25 locations in 10 countries. We have experience in over 100 countries and 50 states.

Who Are Our Customers?

We cater to federal and state governments as well as public and private corporations all serving in the Defense, Civil, and Aerospace markets.





Types of Missions we Fulfill

Defense: ISR (COCO and COCO to GOCO)

Civil: Airborne Data Acquisition and Public Health and Safety

Aerospace: NEXTGEN Aviators, Vintage Aircraft Experiences

What is the Duration of our Contracts?

We operate anywhere from one day to decades. Our longest contract is over 30 years and we have multiple customers for whom we have served over 20 years.