Airdropping Rabies Vaccines

Since 2003, Dynamic Aviation has been supporting oral rabies vaccination programs. In that time, we have dropped millions of packets of rabies vaccines to vaccinate wildlife and prevent them from exposing livestock, pets, and humans to the deadly virus.

King Air 90 being inspected

Geared for the Mission

Our King Air twin-engine turboprop aircraft are ideal for the low-altitude flying required for oral rabies vaccination missions. We also have a specialized flight guidance system to ensure precise distribution of the vaccine.

Innovators in Bait Dispersal

Dynamic Aviation designs, manufactures, and gets approval for the bait dispersal systems needed for airdropping rabies vaccines. Currently on our third generation, we are continually modifying and developing systems to accommodate new and different types of bait packets.

BAIT machine in aircraft

High-Performance Team

Our seasoned pilots are highly skilled in aerial application missions, and our technicians and service personnel support our operations with expert maintenance and repairs. Our experienced and disciplined operations management ensure on-time and on-budget operations.