Responsive Mosquito Control

Whether it’s spraying to control the deadly West Nile virus or responding rapidly to post-hurricane infestations, Dynamic Aviation is a proven provider of aerial solutions for mosquito and vector-borne disease control. Our expertise in aviation, aerial application systems, and the management of pesticides and other hazardous materials helps us deliver safe and innovative mosquito-control solutions.

Airplane mechanic inspecting propeller

Rapid Mission Response

We have specially equipped King Airs and pilots who are highly skilled in mosquito and vector-control spraying. This permits us to manage scheduled aerial spraying as well as respond to hurricanes and other public health emergencies. We can also ramp up quickly with additional aircraft and crews when needed, thanks to our large fleet and our quick-response integration capabilities.

Added Safety

Optimized for aerial spraying, our multiengine Beechcraft King Airs have exceptional single-engine climb performance, which increases safety when flying over congested areas and has earned us an exemption from FAA load jettisoning requirements. Our aircraft are also equipped with sophisticated guidance, mapping, weather, and reporting systems that help ensure safe and efficient operations.

Employees posing for photo while on mosquito control project
Pilot wearing night vision goggles

Night Mission Capable

Our pilots utilize military-grade night-vision goggles and other technology so we can safely spray mosquitos at dusk and dark, to achieve the highest efficacy rate.

Rotary atomizer

Precise Aerial Application Technology

We offer the latest in aerial application technology, including a proprietary computer-controlled auto-flow system, designed and built by Dynamic Aviation, which helps ensure the accurate distribution of product. Our aircraft are also equipped with GPS pilot guidance to help place the product exactly where it needs to go, as well as computerized systems for application rate monitoring, drift modeling, and the display of real-time weather information.

Dynamic Aviation is always on call for your needs

Contingency Contracts

As part of our ongoing readiness program, we offer on-call aerial application contracts to jurisdictions around the nation. Numerous mosquito abatement districts have selected these contracts, which guarantee the availability of aircraft and spray systems when needed.